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  • Stephen Colbert coins the term wikilobbyism and states that Reality has become a commodity.
  • Stephen Colbert announces on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart on October 16, 2007, he is running for office in South Carolina.

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Colbertopedia is an online reference source about all things Colbertian. The Colbertopedia is the sum total of all Colbertian knowledge - from here to the Crab Nebula.

This includes:

Stephen Colbert
The Colbert Report
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and much more

Current events

  • Colbert Bridge -- presently approaching 500,000 plus votes for the Stephen Colbert Bridge on the Hungarian Government's site.Update: voting was abandoned after Stephen secured 17,000,000 votes, 7,000,000 more than the population of Hungary.
  • The Colbert Report celebrated it's first year Anniversary on October 17 2006. To commemorate this auspicious occasion, Stephen Colbert unveiled a new painting of himself. He added that in the future colberologists would be able to calcluate the number of anniversaries by the number of Stephens in the painting. The old painting, which did not feature Stephen's hands was auctioned at eBay, within the first six hours reaching an unbelievable but truthy $100,000,000 bid price.
  • Painting Sold For $50,000 - as announced on 10-31-06, the painting has been sold to the owner of the Sticky Fingers chain of restaurants .

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