I was working for a show called The Dana Carvey Show. I had written some things for that show, that Robert Smigel – who was our executive producer – brought over to SNL. As a result, I got a short-term writing gig over there. I helped Robert put his cartoons over there, and I still do.
--Stephen Colbert, August 11, 2003[1]

The Ambiguously Gay Duo was a cartoon comedy short that gained notoriety on the television show, Saturday Night Live co-created by Stephen Colbert and Robert Smigel[2]. Produced by Robert Smigel's production company, TV Funhouse, the show followed the adventures of Ace and Gary, superheroes whose relationship satirizes the alleged homoerotic nature of the dynamic duo Batman and Robin. It was the first cartoon to have a character voiced by Stephen Colbert, who played Ace. Gary was voiced by fellow comedian Steve Carell.

The show originally aired on short-lived Dana Carvey Show, of which Colbert and Carell were members of the cast. While the Dana Carvey Show only lasted seven episodes, Robert Smigel had a close relationship with Saturday Night Live and was able to transfer his cartoon to the show. Colbert also landed a short-lived writing gig with the show, and continued to provide the voice for Ace.

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